Your Brand in our Show

Each event attracts huge crowds consisting of the public, the media, trade and pro riders. The exposure continues beyond the events into magazines, webcasts, TV & press.
This offers widespread and unique exposure for related brands. There are several methods you can deliver your branding directly:

- Ramps: The ramps are branded with logos of the supporting company, which offers unique positioning within the arena. Extended media coverage of the event ensures great exposure in magazines, web and TV.

- Multimedia: Live coverage of the show is broadcast onto a stadium-sized screen measuring 40 ft high and amplified by PA systems. This ensures no body can miss a trick!
The opportunity for brands here is your product name can be broadcast to the audience in a HUGE format! As we also produce our own professional multimedia so we can ensure your logo appears professionally and (if necessary) we can animate it on screen too.

- Clothing: The riders have to wear the appropriate apparel for the events, helmets are a must and this offers the opportunity for brand exposure with sponsor logos. T-shirts are also a fantastic way to push brand awareness the riders often dressed in "uniform" at particular shows. Endorsed caps and sunglasses are often worn by the riders when they are receiving awards or giving interviews.

- Banners: The wide space around the arena is a blank canvas for advertisers. The walls that surround the arena and the fencing that seperates the audience are perfect for your banners.

- The "Rock & Rolla": Part of the arena consists of a humungous American camper van. It's absolutely un-missable. The Rock & Rolla sits as part of the arena and functions as a riding platform and rider's chill area / maintenance zone. The opportunity for sponsors exists in placing your brand on & in the van where rider interviews for magazines, TV, live broadcast and webcast take place.

- Prizes & Giveaways: Nothing sends the crowd into frenzy more than the promise of FREE merchandise! Throughout the shows (and during sponsor time*) we give away some great crowd pleasers including: stickers, t-shirts, DVDs, components, Energy drinks, posters, caps, frizbees, tyres, ...etc etc etc. You can be included in this by simply sending us whatever it is you want to promote and we'll do the rest.
* Prizes are often awarded to riders in the open competitions. Presentations are made and endorsements are announced. ie. The "your brand" best rider award goes to....

For endorsement and sponsorship opportunities email us here: mail.sponsorship